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Top 5 Key Trends In Digital Marketing Shaping Your Company’s Future In 2023

With 2023 progressing, the Digital Marketing world- enveloping every online business around is evolving each day. Every aspect of this dynamic landscape, including SEO, Content Marketing, Social Media Optimization and Marketing, is witnessing a paradigm shift. If early 2000’s were all about going digital- getting online and mid decade dedicated to digital marketing, 2018 is all about thinking out of the box. Digital Marketing has evolved from simple keyword stuffing and link sharing to figuring out edgy innovative ways that your competitors haven’t thought of yet.

A successful online business isn’t built with just a good website and little promotion here and there. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter- all social media platforms get to the grind and update themselves constantly. To keep up with the pace, here are top 5 key trends in Digital Marketing Strategy and Services that can shape your company’s future with Informatics Matrix.

Video Campaigns:

Consider this: Over 500 million people watch 100 million hours of videos on Facebook every day. Over one Billion people are on You Tube and videos go viral in minutes. Video Campaigns are the next big thing and with a billion people market potential you sure can’t afford avoiding it.

Companies can plan video marketing with greater flexibility via tools like 360 degree videos, video chat sessions and live streaming on social media.

Do away with One- size- fits- all marketing

Each company is different and so are their ethos, principles and working methodology. Instead of designing a one size fits all campaign, 2018 is all about getting personal. With Digital Marketing Agency Personalize every campaign of yours according to the business, industry type and customers you are catering to. Play up your strengths and tailor the entire campaign around it. Visibility sells- it is the hi-tech era of branding!

Influence Marketing

Influence Marketing- the mouth to mouth publicity technique returning with a bang! Forget stars, you could even hire social media influencers like bloggers and socialites with mass following to drive your brand’s message home. Social Media influencers already have the trust of their followers; all you need to do is hire Best Email Marketing Company to spread awareness about your brand and create hype around your name. Just remember to identify social media influencers from the niche your company works in!


As the name suggests, Chatbot is an Artificial Intelligence Tool used to converse with online visitors in real time over an instant messaging look alike box. Chatbots have undergone major improvisations to improve user interface and customer satisfaction. Responsive, prompt and accurate Chatbots are worth investing in, in 2023.

Innovative Story telling

Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook- all have introduced the story telling option to ignite creativity in people and let them share, interesting to mundane details, in a fun way. Why not let your creative juices Oldlotterysambad flowing and find a unique artful way of storytelling? These ‘reels’ of stories are a fun way to present byte sized video content to your au dience.

Stop now with the sporadic promotion and think BIG! With Adwords Management Company Utilize the social platforms to exploit your potentials to the fullest. Design a digital marketing strategy incorporating the key trends of 2023 and stand a chance to get noticed, get going.

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