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How To Login To Amazon: Kindle Direct Publish An EBook On Amazon

Congrats on completing your book after putting in a lot of hard work and time! The next step is to make it accessible for readers to purchase, beginning with uploading it to Amazon. Although the process is relatively easy, it can still be daunting to undertake alone. To assist you, we have put together a step-by-step manual that will help you feel confident about your amazon ebook publishing.

1- Sign Up For KDP

The initial step is to create a KDP account, which is rapid, free, and simple. Navigate to Kindle Direct Publishing either sign up with your current Amazon account or create a new one. Once you log in, you’ll notice a notice at the top stating that your account is unfinished. Before you can submit your book, you’ll need to inform Amazon how to process your payments.

Click “Update now” and input the required details, such as your business type, country, birth date, bank account information and tax information. After providing all of the necessary information, click “Save” and afterwards “Bookshelf” to start your ebook amazon publishing. You’ll be asked to choose between publishing a Kindle ebook, hardcover, paperback or Series page. These guidelines help you to focus on the ebook format, but the process is relatively similar for Print-on-Demand services.

2- Create A Title And Enter Book Description on KDP

The KDP dashboard is split into three parts: Details, Pricing and Content each of which we’ll go through step by step. Initially, you’ll be prompted to furnish the following information:

  • Language of your book
  • Title and/or subtitle of your book
  • Whether it belongs to a series
  • Whether it’s a new edition of an ebook
  • Your writer name (pseudonyms allowed)
  • Names of other authoritarians // contributors (e.g., an illustrator or editor if it’s an anthology)

After that, you must give out a product description – a summary similar to those found on the back page of a book. Writing an effective book description takes some skill, so take your time and refine it thoroughly. The opening line is crucial, as Amazon only displays a condensed preview of your blurb, requiring readers to click “Read more” to see the entire description.

Use Amazon’s italic, bold and bullet list features to make it descriptive and visually appealing but don’t go over the board. Now that your ebook is good to go for a stand out, it’s time to place it in the appropriate sections of Amazon’s bookstore.

3- Select Amazon Categories And Keywords

Choosing the right categories and keywords for your book is essential to increase its visibility and attract the right readers. With KDP, you have the option to select two fine categories and up to six to seven keywords for your ebook. Choose the categories that accurately describe your book, including one broad and one niche category.

For keywords, pick relevant terms that are not already included in your book’s title or description. If your book targets a specific age group, you can also select a grade range and age. After selecting your categories and keywords, you’ll be prompted to choose whether you want to sell your book immediately or make it available for pre-order on a specific date. Once that’s decided, you can proceed to upload your book files.

4- Add Book Cover Files And EPUBS

To upload your ebook file onto your Kindle account, go to the next tab and click “Upload eBook manuscript”. Select the final version of your EPUB file and upload it. Although Amazon accepts various file formats, it’s recommended to format your file as an EPUB for better control over its appearance on Kindle.

A well-formatted book is essential as readers can differentiate between a professionally formatted book and an unprofessional one, which can have an impact on sales. If you need help, you can hire a typesetter or use Book Editor’s services. Wait for a message indicating that Amazon is processing your book. Once Amazon verifies your file, you’ll receive a message confirming that your manuscript has been uploaded categorically.

Upload an eye-catching book cover by selecting the option to use a pre-existing cover and clicking “Upload your cover file.” Use the “Ebook Preview” tool to check your book page and ensure that everything is correct, including the cover and interior. Double-check your files if you encounter any errors. You’ll also be asked if you have an ISBN number and who you want to list as the “Publisher.”

Buying your own ISBN is worth considering to retain ownership if you plan to publish your ebook on other retailers. Finally, it’s time to price your book appropriately to maximize your royalties.

5- Set Your Prices As Per Market

Setting the right price for your ebook is crucial for maximizing your royalties on Amazon. To earn a 70% royalty rate, it’s best to price your book between $2.99 and $9.99, as anything outside this range will only give you a 35% royalty rate. However, you may choose to sell your book at a different price for various reasons, such as to promote the rest of a series.

When you set the price, Amazon will calculate your estimated royalties and deduct a small “delivery rate” based on your book’s file size. For each country, you can also set different prices where you want to sell your book, and we recommend doing so to boost international sales.

Additionally, you’ll need to decide whether to enroll in KDP Select, which can help you in marketing your ebook through promotions but restricts your book’s distribution. Finally, you’ll need to select your territories and primary market before hitting the “Publish” button.

6- Publish Your EBook

Finally, the moment has arrived for you to publish your Kindle ebook on Amazon. But before you rush into it, take a moment to review your work by clicking the “Back to Content” button on the left-hand side of the page to ensure that everything is in order. Although you can make corrections after publication, it’s better to double-check the information beforehand.

In case you’re not prepared to publish yet, you can click on “Save as Draft” button and return to finish later. If everything appears fine, just press the “Publish your Kindle ebook” button, and congratulations, your work is now complete! It is evident that ebook ghostwriting services is not as daunting as it appears.

After ebook amazon publishing, your book will become available on Amazon’s bookshelves within a few days, but keep in mind that it may take up to 72 hours for Amazon and up to five days for country-specific Amazon sites. Once your book is live, you can concentrate on promoting and advertising your ebook.

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