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How to Choose the Best Google Ads Agency for your Business

There is no doubt that PPC, or Pay-Per-Click, is one of the most effective digital marketing strategies employed by any professional Digital Marketing Agency in Melbourne. Through PPC agencies run campaigns to gain more traffic and conversions and visibility for businesses.

How do you select the best Google Ads Agency in Melbourne or elsewhere to handle your Google Ads campaigns?


Make sure that the PPC Agency whom you select is Google Ads certified. They need to have the right certifications and qualifications to be able to create successful campaigns for you. An Agency who is a Google Premier Partner is better qualified to create the best Google Ads campaigns for you.


The right Digital Marketing Agency should have the right experience and a proven track record of successes. A good Lead Generation Agency in Melbourne or elsewhere should have had successful campaigns in creating leads and conversions.

Tracking & Reporting 

An Agency should be able to provide you with up-to-date detailed reports on your digital marketing campaigns, and to get their reporting right they need to be constantly “on the ball” tracking results and changes. A SEM Management Agency should be able to tell you how much traffic you are drawing with your campaigns, and how many of these have actually converted to sales.

Communication & Transparency 

When you invest in a PPC Agency to handle your Google Ads campaigns, they need to be honest with you at all times. Transparency is the key and so is regular communication with the agency’s clients. They need to keep you updated on the status of your campaigns at all times.

Strategies Employed 

Your chosen Digital Marketing Agency should employ proven strategies that are suitable to their clients, and needs to be client-centered. They should have clear procedures and methodologies which they employ.

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