For autumn-winter 2022, Clarks offers an exciting collection of boots from the British world, color and originality to create lines with joy and passion, with quality materials, asymmetrical shapes, and glamorous details flexibility and comfort very hard to beat. What is British fashion.

The new lines for women are feminine and very attractive. The star of this line are models Boots and booties Melanie Jane like a type of loot, fashionable, elegant and functional at the same time. This model is in style and can be found in various colors, hides and skins.

Other designs stand out for the wedges and heels, which are natural and flexible as well as being prized for its smooth finish. Each shoe or boot shows the best of Clarks: experience and the latest technology to make models versatile, flexible and durable.

Shoes and boots sleeker are the key to winter fashion. His style comes together for the natural, organic, really well done … emphasizes the model Hamble Oak, symbolizing the new character of Clarks, is made ​​of genuine leather and Tweed; very functional shoes to start the season or very elegant and exotic for the office or evening. The details and embellishments throughout this collection include handmade with quality materials such as very soft leather, along with a wide range of colors to choose from.

Inspiration has come from the cream of the shoemaking craft and merged with the more feminine classic styles: colors green and gorgeous before. Modern reinventions and new styles of loafers, shoes and boots. Many models have a template called Orth Olite for greater comfort and hygiene of the feet. In the last 180 years, Clarks has been the equivalent of precise craftsmanship, premium materials and innovative designs, as seen throughout this line. Viewing the full range can be seen that, without doubt, what is fashionable British.

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CLARKS has created a new concept of comfort and design in the design of their shoes, as evidenced created new collections for autumn-winter 2021/2022. Opting for new fashion lines without forgetting their classics, which are more a culture than a style. Its evolution is constant and originality in its simple design. He has expanded the variety of colors and materials for all models, which have the common good finish.

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