A Caretaker’s Guide to Wheelchairs is Very Important

There are many types of wheelchairs and walking aids, and you need to figure out the one you need. Not all wheelchairs serve the same purpose, and all types of wheelchairs are made for everyone. You need to figure out which wheelchair to use based on the user’s medical condition. Also, there are many different options; the walking aids an elderly person uses is not the same as the one children can use. So, you need to look at the comfort and the long-lasting use of the wheelchair and decide for your users.

Manual Wheelchair:

Manual wheelchairs are wheelchairs with push-through wheels. It was majorly used back in the days, but it requires muscle power, which is either found in early elders or the elders with strong muscles, which is a very rare condition and also in some disabled young persons that are fit to move their wheelchair manually.

Users need to propel the chair forward, backward, or in whatever direction they want to move. They need to manually move the wheels in that direction to rotate the wheels in that direction, giving direction to their wheelchair. Even in pivots, they need to grab the handles around the wheels even in pivots. If they cannot do it themselves, then they need a caretaker with them all the time to help them with mobility. The caretaker can push the wheelchair by grabbing the handles which are present behind the backrests.

A manual wheelchair is ideal for people who can operate independently and have less fatigue. The con of this wheelchair is that you cannot travel long distances with this. And the user feels tired, especially the arms pain, while continuously using it the whole day.

Electric Wheelchair:

An electric wheelchair or powered wheelchair is something the user can control by themselves with the help of buttons and controls. Most elderly people commonly use this wheelchair. It is comfortable to use, even for a longer duration, and is easy to move around outdoors and indoors. These are the most beneficial to elderly people. As it only operates on controls and requires no manual work, it helps the arms of the elderly to rest and recover as they do not experience fatigue.

This is the most helpful wheelchair for disabled people, as they can manage their wheelchair. The only issue with these wheelchairs is that they are heavy and more on the bulkier side. And from time to time, you need to change the damaged motor, as it does not last long.

Pediatric Wheelchair:

Pediatric wheelchairs are designed especially for children. It comes in many different kinds, from manual, electrically powered, and many more. These are lightweight wheelchairs that helps children with mobility issues. It is a small-sized wheelchair, as small kids use it. So, it becomes easy for them to use it. It is designed keeping the kids in mind, so it has many limitations.

Like it might require extra cushioning on the footrests, the height needs to be adjusted per the requirements. It helps provide a sense of independence among the kids and lets them enjoy their childhood.

Sports Wheelchair:

Sports wheelchairs are designed keeping different sports in mind like rugby, tennis, basketball, and games that require running. It is designed for players with limited mobility. This wheelchair comes in many different shapes and sizes. These are usually manually operated wheelchairs so that it is comfortable with each and every kind of sport.

A standard sports wheelchair is used by basketball players with a tilted outward wheel, and the design helps the player maintain a proper balance while playing the sport. Most of these chairs have smaller and large wheels to help provide better support while balancing proper support. Extra cushioning helps prevent injuries and protects the players from hurting their legs. Because of their condition, these people need not sacrifice their passion but rather enjoy it.

Positioning Wheelchair:

A positioning wheelchair is an electrically controlled, battery-powered wheelchair, used for mobility. It is used to assist mobility and accommodate the user into different positions. This wheelchair allows the patients to move into different positions while sitting on a wheelchair.

There are many different types of wheelchairs in this category. It includes the one with a reclining back or raising or lowering the feet of the user to provide a comfortable space while moving or tilting their heads.

These chairs are designed for people that suffer from movement impairments. It promotes comfort and independence and has many other health benefits, including a good posture. This is because a good posture helps with proper blood circulation and also helps avoid ulcers, sores, sprains, and joint pains.


Many different kinds of wheelchairs are available in the market; you need to decide for your user. Positioning wheelchairs, standing wheelchairs, manual wheelchairs, electric wheelchairs, every wheelchair is different in its ways. The kids’ wheelchair differs from the wheelchair used by the adults. And if you are into some kind of sport, you have a different wheelchair.

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