Top 10 Foods for Health: To Heal Dengue Fever Naturally

Yes! We all are happy to welcome monsoon! But, at the same time, it’s very hard to see the unhygienic places in our environment. Due to water logging mosquitos breed and multiply enormously. With this the ratio the individuals getting hospitalized increases multiple folds with fever blooming all around.

People run around the hospital doing various blood tests to screen for the cause of fever. Well! Are your reports showing positive for dengue? If so, you are not the one in the dengue loop. There are millions of people around the world get infected with this mosquito-borne disease each year.

The onset of fever usually starts with headaches, rashes, fever, with severe muscle and joint pain. The symptom worsens after 5 days of starting the fever. Boosting the immunity is the only way to help the individuals to recover quickly from dengue fever. Load yourself with vitamins and nutrients to the fullest to keep the disease at bay.

Do you want to know what natural foods have healing properties for dengue fever? Yes! Then scroll down and check out what all foods can bring wonders if you add it to your diet:

Top 10 Foods for Health

1. Fight dengue with papaya leaves:

Numerous researches support that papaya leaves help to fight the disease. The leaves help to increase the platelet count, low sodium diet, which falls dangerously to low levels in dengue patients. Consume fresh juice of the papaya leaves by crushing a few leaves and squeezing the juice out to fight dengue.

2. Citrus foods:

Citrus foods are rich in antioxidants. Ingest foods rich in Vitamin C such as oranges, Amla (gooseberry), lemon, etc., as a natural remedy to heal the disease. You can have a multivitamin, or vitamin tablets to meet your daily recommended dosage. Consult your doctor and fix the right dosage based on your body needs. Buy OTC medicines online from any reputed online medicine companies in India.

3. Healthy herbal teas:

Herbs such as, pepper, cardamoms, peppermint have wide therapeutic properties to ease the symptoms. The antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of these herbs help to control and eliminate the virus completely. Infuse the above-listed herbs in hot water and drink the tea to soothe the fever.

4. Turmeric:

Turmeric has many health benefits due to its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. It helps alleviate the symptoms ucsf mychart among individuals battling with dengue fever.

5. Coconut water:

Individuals who are struggling with dengue fever face dehydration issues. Drinking coconut water helps to manage the lost water from the body as it is fully packed with vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. So, include this natural electrolyte to boost immunity.

6. Pomegranates:

Dengue patients feel more fatigue and tiredness due to high fever. So never skip to include pomegranates in your diet as they myomectomy are also a rich source of iron.

7. Fenugreek:

Fenugreek is the most simple and effective solution to fight against dengue fever. Fenugreek is rich in vitamin K, Vitamin C, and minerals, which supports in strengthening the immune system. Prepare fenugreek water by adding mychart ucsf 1 teaspoon of seeds in 1 cup of water. Filter it and add honey before consuming it. Drink this solution three times a day for better results.

8. Tulsi water:

Tulsi is a wonderful herb with numerous medicinal proprieties. Its antioxidant and antimicrobial properties aids in eliminating the dengue virus from the body.

9. Vegetable juice:

Vegetable juice should be a part of your diet to combat diseases and improve immunity. Drinking cucumber, carrot and other green leafy vegetable juice help to recover you from dengue fever very easily.

10. Porridge:

As porridge is soft and easy to digest, it is highly recommended for diabetic patients. It is easy to swallow as well as loaded with fiber and nutrients which help to fight against, when does implantation occur dehydration.

Tips to prevent dengue fever:

Below are the lists of tips which you can follow to safeguard yourself from mosquito bites:

  • Keep the water storage drums or containers closed to prevent mosquito breeding
  • Don’t pour more water to the plants
  • Always, keep the dustbins clean
  • Apply mosquito repellents to avoid mosquito bites or other insect attacks
  • Wear protective clothing like long-sleeved pants and shirts
  • Make sure to sleep under the mosquito net to avoid the dreadful disease attack.

Follow the above-listed home remedies and safeguard yourself from dengue attack. Never let dengue fever to relapse again! Always, go for regular check-ups and follow-ups as advised by your doctor. Keep yourself well hydrated. Don’t stop taking the medicines or treatment in a half-way without the knowledge of your healthcare provider. To refill your medicine bottle, order prescription medicine online from online medicine shop and avail exclusive medicine discount on every order for your purchase.

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