4 Reasons to Leverage Helpdesk for Schools

When we talk about helpdesk, the industries that pop up in our mind are mostly ecommerce, medical, and IT. The education sector is often neglected. But do you know helpdesk is of utmost importance in the education sector?

Schools have a lot of processes that go on simultaneously like admission, support, taking fees, managing infrastructure, inquiry, students requests, etc. It is a challenging task to bring service, information, and knowledge altogether. This is the reason schools must consider investing in a helpdesk system.

With the helpdesk, they will have all the data they need in one place and in fewer clicks. To learn more about it, let us understand it step by step.

1. Ease the Admin Workload

School admins deal with so many processes in a day like enrolling new students, managing classes, managing student and teacher data, managing infrastructure and facilities, and the list goes on. Managing all this data on paper the old school way or making excel sheets is time-consuming and not a best practice to follow in this time when technology has advanced to make your life easier.

Help desk software for schools is the answer to the above challenges. With the helpdesk, all this process will be maintained in a proper way. Admins would not have to go through multiple files to find the data. Every detail will be streamlined with a unique ID so that you will have all the details related to that ID on a single page.

The students and parents can ask for help via the helpdesk. A ticket will be raised on that issue, and it will be automatically assigned to the support agent. Thus, automation minimizes mundane tasks so that admins have more time to focus on more important things.

2. Support Portal for Students

Due to the covid pandemic, schools shifted towards online education. In online education, you can make the best use of the self-service portal. Students can go through courses, timetables, exam papers, test marks, etc., on the portal.

If students have issues or doubts about anything, they can simply raise a ticket and get the solution from the support agents. Also, having community forums will help students have a healthy conversations with other students and learn from each other.

3. All-in-one Solution

A helpdesk brings students, teachers, and the admin department together in a single interface. All the important details like name, contact, designation, etc., of the person of contact, will be displayed on the helpdesk. Thus, it will be easy to find the details whenever required.

Also, while the user raises the ticket, you can ask them to choose the department they would like to ask for help. This way, the ticket can be routed directly to that department, saving time for students, parents, and admin.

4. Report and Analytics

To have critical insights into the services your school is providing, reports and analytics play a crucial role in decision making. It will ensure that the help you provide is correctly reaching the user. It will also show how well your agents are performing duties and what actions you can take to improve their productivity.

Also, automatic assignment of tickets ensures every support agent gets an equal amount of tickets and no one is overworked. This way, they will be able to deliver their best. Hence, these reasons will help you increase customer satisfaction.


The above points have proven that help desk software for education is important. With everything going online, schools must consider investing in a helpdesk that will serve all the functionalities that they need. This will make students and their parents feel valued and they will think that their questions are heard. This will help in building a good impression of your school.

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