What Are Commercial Uses of Forced Air Ovens?

Forced air ovens designed for commercial use in laboratories completely differ from regular ovens. While an individual can operate a commercial forced air oven, larger operations of laboratories and industries rely on these appliances for their requirements. Commercial forced air ovens are typically found in laboratories, food processing industries, chemical plants, and heat processing industries as a necessary component in creating food products.

A Preface to Structure of Forced Air Ovens

Normally, these models would have heating coils or elements to heat the space where the cooking surface is located. At the same time, blowers continuously move hot or cool air around to maintain even temperature levels throughout the chamber. This variance provides improved quality control over your food resulting in a better-tasting product.

There are different Forced Air Ovens equipped with a mechanical dehumidifier to eliminate moisture from the interior of the oven chamber. In addition, most forced air ovens have thermometers and humidity probes to monitor temperature and moisture levels in the cooking chamber.

These ovens are designed to heat and vaporize different chemical and biological samples efficiently. But unfortunately, most commercial users do not use them properly, resulting in poor-quality products.

Different Uses of Forced Air Ovens

A laboratory forced air oven is designed to create seriously high temperatures in laboratories and factories. These specific ovens are not designed for baking, broiling, or cooking food products. Instead, they are especially used in laboratories and industrial areas where quality control of a particular item is critical to identify any flaws in the product. Some of the common uses of forced air ovens include:

  • Sterilize Biohazard Waste

These forced air ovens are particularly useful in laboratories producing biohazardous waste. This is because of their ability to reach a high-temperature range where almost any biohazardous material can be destroyed. In addition, these ovens can heat up and maintain temperatures inside a laboratory while heating any liquid waste.

  • High-Temperature Testing

Labs also use forced air ovens to test hot liquids and solids without ever having to leave their workstations. For quality control and testing, many different food products are required in industries such as pharmaceutical research facilities, foods and agriculture processing plants, food packaging and processing plants, etc.

  • Food Quality Analysis

Many food industries rely on forced air ovens as a vital component of their quality control. For example, food processors require specialized ovens that can provide high temperatures while maintaining the evenest temperature throughout the chamber to ensure quality results.

Some laboratories use forced air ovens to clean instruments without having to touch them with bare hands or fingers. Global Lab Supply Forced Air Ovens used by medical labs, surgical labs, industrial and food processing labs, etc., that need to clean multiple instruments simultaneously.

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