Benefits of Having a Hands-Free Breast Pumping Bra for Moms

Breastmilk is a complete food for babies up to six-month-old. WHO recommends that even beyond six months, solids should be supplemented with breast milk. However, when there are latching issues or when the mother cannot be near the baby at all times, feeding the baby expressed milk is a great option. Breast pumping also encourages milk production to meet the baby’s growing demand.

But all said and done, breast pumping is not very comfortable or enjoyable for mothers. Did you know that pumping bras can significantly improve your breast pumping experience? Let’s find out what the benefits of a good pumping bra are for moms.

Benefits of handsfree pump bra

Below are some of the major benefits of a handsfree pump bra:

  • Good pumping bras like the Skye Pump Bra have adjustable straps that hold your in place during pumping. This helps in reducing the discomfort and pain while breast pumping.
  • A hands-free pump bra can let you pump milk using an electric pump while you can do other work such as reading a book, speaking on the phone, or working on the laptop.
  • A good quality pumping bra will be comfortable to wear during lactation without feeling tight around the bust. It is comfortable for sore since the fabric used is soft and does not chafe against the skin.
  • Pumping bras make it easy for moms to pump anywhere conveniently. Whether you are at work or at a public place, all you need is a little privacy or a nursing cover and you can easily start breast pumping.
  • A bra like the Skye Pump Bra is made from light, breathable fabric, and comfortable straps. The straps don’t feel tight on the skin and make you feel light and easy.
  • During the breastfeeding phase, the can sometimes feel heavy and sometimes empty. Pumping bras made from stretchable fabrics can help give you ample support at all times.


Pumping bras are amazingly comfortable for moms who choose breast pumping. A hands-free pump bra will drastically improve your comfort while pumping breastmilk. It will let you do more and make it easy for you to give your little one the best nutrition in the form of breast milk.

The Skye Pump Bra from Lovemere is one of the most comfortable pumping bras made from gentle fabric that is safe and gentle for both you and your baby. It is perfect to wear during breastfeeding and beyond and works perfectly to give your adequate support during pumping as well as during light to medium-intensity workouts.

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