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Underrated Real Estate Lead Generation Ideas

With almost everything being bought and sold on the internet these days, real estate is no different. Many Lead Generation Agencies in Melbourne or elsewhere use digital marketing strategies for lead generation in real estate, as these are low cost and have a wide reach in terms of relevant audiences. You can target the ideal audience using techniques in SEM.

If you partner with a good Digital Marketing Agency (who is also a Google Premier Partner, you can reach your real estate goals in lead generation, through effective strategies.

Here are a few underrated ideas for lead generation for real estate in Melbourne or elsewhere

  • Live Streaming 

Live stream property tours on social media are a great way to create interest in property buyers, and are used often for lead generation for real estate in Melbourne. Live Q&A sessions will prompt potential customers to give out t heir email addresses, thus creating leads.

  • Lead Magnets 

Give away valuable resources for free in exchange for an email address. This is a tactic used by many Lead Generation Agencies.

  • Social Media Advertising 

Harness the power of social media together with a good Digital Marketing Agency, by advertising on social media platforms, using specific targeting to reach your ideal audiences.

  • Referral Programmes 

One of the best ways to create lead generation for real estate is through referrals. Encouraging customers to refer you to others by offering them an incentive is a very effective lead generation method used by Lead Generation Agencies in Melbourne.

  • Blogs 

You can offer advice, information and other resources which are useful to buyers through blogs and social media, where you request for an email address from the user.

  • Social Media groups 

Being active on social media groups on Facebook and LinkedIn can create brand awareness and thereby be great for lead generation for real estate.

  • Optimized Landing Pages

Optimizing your website landing pages to increase reach and create more leads is a technique used by many Digital Marketing Agencies.

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