Bigger, Faster, Prettier The 10 inch Touch Screen is Here

In line with Chinabuye’s policy of constantly improving, the company is launching its latest 10 inch tablet. This tablet has all the standard Chinabuye features with a few extra specifications thrown in. One major improvement on this tablet is that the browser has been upgraded. This tablet now runs on Android 2.1., and as always, the tablet is pre-programmed with essential computing software like e-book readers, media players, spreadsheet applications and a Power point viewer.

The tablet is large at 270 by 180 by 15 mm, which makes it far easier to manipulate when it comes to performing document related tasks. The size also makes for a far better visual experience when streaming video, audio, or still imagery. The tablet can view pictures in JPG and GIF, play back audio in WMA, MP3, AAC, and WAV formats, and it supports video in MP4, AVI, MKV 3gp, and RMVB. It comes with a built-in Stereo speaker.

In addition, the new tablet has improved on formerly used specifications. The processor now runs at 1GHMz, and the USB is 2.0 compatible. The tablet has an in-built 2GB Nandi Flash with expansion options of up to 32 GB via the TF card slot. Unlike previous tablets, this new gadget has internet capabilities on two fronts.

One, it has in-built Wi-Fi capabilities that let it access any available network. But as a bonus, the tablet can access internet using a 3G network card. This provides for a more stable connection that is essential for certain key computing processes. On a visual level, this tablet is very appealing because of its silver colour and its 10 inch touch screen, which has an LCD of 1024 by 600 pixels. The device is user friendly and it’s workable for lay usage.

It comes with built-in batteries, but it can also be connected to a mains for use on electricity, making it both portable and energy saving. The tablet also includes an accelerometer, which enables it to auto-rotate.

This state-of-the art gadget is available immediately for the pocket-friendly price of $ 225.62.

If you buy the item in bulk, the deal becomes even more friendly to your pocket as Chinabuye provides you with generous discounts, in addition to the standard Chinabuye policy of free shipping. Order your abled PC now and start enjoying this 10 inch tablet and its superior computing experience.

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