A Gap Wedge Helps Golfers in Lowering Their Scores

To become a good golfer there are a number of things that are very important in trying to achieve your goals. First, practice is very necessary, many players only want to play, but it is hard to improve if you don’t mix playing with practicing. Secondly, playing with the equipment that works best for you, many players are not aware that just changing the shaft in your driver can make a big difference in the amount of fairways that they hit.

Another place is with the short game, finding wedges that give you the confidence is a must in achieving your goals. These are the clubs that are used the most on the course. If you are a beginner a gap wedge is a good choice to start with. A gap wedge fills that large space between a sand wedge and a pitching wedge.

The gap wedge offers the ability to hit shots with great height to the long pitch shots that many beginners have trouble with. The more experience players can also benefit with a gap wedge in their bag for those shots that are too long for a sand wedge and to short for a pitching wedge.

Black Magic Wedge’s gap wedge offers excellent results from the sand and all those difficult pitch shots and chip shots that a player has to contend with in a course of the game. This club is designed to slide over the turf and through the shot with little resistance. Another important feature this gap wedge offers is that it is shank proof.

The Black Magic Wedge gap wedge conforms to the USGA rules and has a 431 stainless steel head and a powder coated steel shaft. The head weight is 300 grams and it provides a zero degree bounce angle at impact.

About Black Magic Wedge

Black Magic Wedge offers a set of hybrid wedges that is made using a patented sophisticated design for better stroke play and greater efficiency. It has a larger club head which helps in lowering the center of gravity along with having an iron face which allows you to spin the ball more rapidly.

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